Northxtra Entertainment frontier ‘Dave_Ex’ announces change of his stage name to ‘Zaya’

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Northxtra Entertainment front man, ‘Dave Ex’ announce changed of his stage name to ‘Zaya’In the early hours of yesterday, the rapper did a makeover of his social media account, taking down the posts on his Instagram page 
Very recently, it was observed that the singer’s Instagram username has been changed from ‘@Dave_Ex; to ‘@ZAYA; brewing speculations that the Rapper has adopted a new stage name and has left the name ‘DaveEx’.Sometimes, you have to change your name because there’s just too many of the same names out there, or so was the case for rapper Zaya., who originally came onto the scene as Dave Ex.. “I made it up when I was younger—I had to be around 15 years old. I had other rap names, but they weren’t working out,” He told Spells Media. “It was originally Dave Ex, I had to change it. I didn’t want to lose my name, so I used my Surname… it makes senseSee, the thing is that you can call me the other names,” he told Spells Media. “This is just an evolution of my spirit and my vibration.
Born David Zaya entered the scene in 2014 as Dave Ex with ‘Obsidian’  debut Ep, . 

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